Dominique Horloges

WHO: Lovely mummy

WHAT: Identity

Another nice family project; my mum (who also studied graphic design) creates amazing timepieces. Her clocks are a mix of collage, oil paint, pastel, pencil & small 3D elements on big canvas. It can come out of her imagination or can be an on-demand creation, check out her website for more information. I designed for her a new brand identity logo; made of her initials D.H., a clock and a favourite shape, the square. Her business card is squared made with an embossed logo and white printing on a vey tick paper. Simple but beautiful and classy!

Dominique Horloges
Dominique Horloges
TDominique Horloges logo animation
Dominique Horloges times numbers
Dominique business cards
Dominique Horloges website


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