Absolut Star Wars

WHO: School Project

WHAT: Identity, packaghing, concept

I am presenting you my star of the bottle "Star Wars", a limited edition. Unfortunately only a school project! (PS: as a perfect geek I have seen all the movies.) I created my bottle focusing on the "dark side": the front of the bottle is made of shooting stars creating the face of Darth Vader. The focus is made on his eye; the moon. On the backside there is a quote about how they distilled the vodka. Taking it with you in the dark (not Dark Vador), this bottle with phosphorescent graphic will help you to defeat the dark side. Now it is your turn to choose to right side of the force. May the force be with you.

The Circus menus
The Circus typography menu

"Let youself go,
Let you fall,
Let yourself succumb,
Let Star Wars come into you,
Let the force be with you,
with the glow darth Maul."

The Circus typography menu


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