The Circus Menu

WHO: School Project

WHAT: Layout, concept, typography

The Circus is the name of the restaurant as I imagined and for which I created the wine list, main menu and dessert selection. I used a combination of around 15 different typefaces to create something crazy as the circus itself (as a graphic designer, one of the rule is to limit the numbers of typefaces in a layout ... but let's be out of the box!). This wild use of typefaces creates something eccentric and completely in the circus theme. The wine list is to hang around the wine bottle on the table and the dessert menu is a range of cinema tickets. Using white, blue and red to remember that the first circus was held in France.

The Circus main menu
The Circus typography menu
The Circus menus

The Circus Dessert Menu
The Circus Wine Menu
The Circus menu strip pattern
The Circus menu burger table
The Circus menu burger


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