WHO: School Project

WHAT: Pictogram

This is the pictogram done for my old friend and myth; the creature of Frankenstein. The task was to choose a famous person, dead or still alive, real or fiction and design his own pictogram. The original novel of Frankenstein tells the story of the creation from scratch of the “beast”- piece by piece. My pictogram is made of dismembered bodies; all of them linked by a kind of spikes. In reference to the plastic game we all had when we were young; where you unattached all the parts to make a complete toy. Like Frankenstein did, you can now, thanks to this picto, create a "monster" from body parts. To make this icon electric (the magic that have putted him in live), It will be used only with black, white and blue/green neon colour.

frankenstein bag 1 logo
frankenstein bag 1 logo
frankenstein logo icon
frankenstein logo animation
frankenstein brain icon logo


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